Naomi Snell is a filmmaker and a singer songwriter

At High School, she was able to make a little youtube-serie about Social Media. Since then, she discovered ‘film’. She made a lot of short video’s, stories and soundscapes to experiment and trying to find her own style. Looking back at it, she knows what could do better, and how to improve herself. Knowing she wants to be an allround filmmaker, is why she wants to know/learn the ins and outs of every aspect that comes within a film production. Cause how do you trigger the feelings of an audience?

Also, she grew up in the world of classical music and started composing her own songs on the piano at the young age of four.
At the age of 18 she became more serious about pursuing a music career, and thats why she started to write her own songs as a singer-songwriter. In 2016 she was one of the eleven finalists in Gielstalentenjacht. She performed on various festivals, made several appearances on the tv show’s etc.

In every product (film or music) she puts her feelings in it.
It is her key to a succesful process and product. 

Important events music:
15th November: Paradio ft Bo Saris (a.k.a. Bors)
Vocals of Bijenkorf Christmas Commercial
Single Soon Enough on Spotify etc.
And a lot of performances…

Important events film:
Production Assistent – Screwed (short movie)
Festella Festival – Teaser
Winner of IFFR- Festival trailer
AD music video Jamba Trn (in progress)